ergonomic advice and

postural correction

Ergonomic Advice

Do you have a problem with shoulders and
neck at your desk? Our experienced physiotherapists offer workstation assessments, give concrete advice about correct trunk posture which can improve your spine, head and neck alignment, and tailor a stretching routine. You will be surprised to find that by adjusting your workspace and habits to be more ergonomically friendly, working at a computer can be more comfortable and increase your efficiency, too!

sports injury and

Injury and pain can come at unexpected times. All athletes, from weekend warriors to elite professionals, deserve the best care to get recovery as quickly as possible. Starting from detailed physical and ergonomic assessment, we will identify the underlying faulty biomechanics causing your pain, provide treatment according to your symptomatic body parts, posture, muscle strength and balance, spine mobility, range of movement of your joints and the movement pattern.